Ressurection of Chaos


Hordes of different enemies get thrown at you in all sorts of locations in this small episode. Theres even enemies from Doom visiting the world of Hexen, which gives the map more viarity of enemies to fight with. Theres a lot of action where ever you go and you need to keep close attention to health a lot of times because I’ve died plenty of times trying to complete this. That doesn’t mean theres no health about because there is plenty, but can be used up in no time if your not careful enough. Theres tons of weapons and mana about to keep you going throughout the different maps. The maps are very big, and a lot of places to explore, each map should take about thirty minutes of your time making this episode last about two hours or more worth. The first map is basically a portal map to complete four maps and return to complete the next until all have been completed, then continue to the next map. Theres a lot of locking door traps where you must fight a bunch of enemies to be able to get back out and proceed. Sometimes you won’t get a key thats close, until much later that map. Lots of excitement and tension throughout the episode. The final fight poses a lot of challenged and needs a lot of dodging and sometimes jumping out of the way of projectiles.


Excellent design with a very well planned layout and a great structure of the maps throughout the episode. Textures have been used very well for the map themes and suit the locations and aligned very well. Colour themes for the maps stay consistant and don’t go out of the main map colour themes. Weapons and health have been placed well throughout each map, and enemies are placed in a good balanced group for an exciting short battle. Some corridors does have too many enemies in them at most times though.

Overall Conclusion

A great wad for HeXen. Lots of action and has a lot of replay value.

Author: Udderdude
Type: Singleplayer
Port: Zdoom
Rating: 90%
Download: Here