The Ship


In this mod, you must search for you Quarry when the hunts start by talking to people, and finding out there names. Nicknames are not used, but given real names for the gameplay. You find out who your Quarry is in the bottom left side of the screen, in the red writing. The blue writing is the name you are given. After finding your Quarry, you must kill him without witnesses seeing you do it, or see you with a weapon, there’s also cameras about. You find weapons by searching in rooms and press [q] to pick them up. The more you have when arrested causes in a bigger fine and jail time. But, you must also watch your back, you don’t think no one will hunt you right? Of course they do, everyone has a quarry, and a hunter, the hunter’s quarry is you, your quarrys hunter is you and so forth. If you kill your quarry successfully, you get rewarded, also, you can kill your hunter if you find someone suspicious following you. There are some weapons, such as the satchet, that can be used, but its discuised as a bag or wallet, so you can use it without getting arrested. Innocent kills get you a fine also. Using the same weapon over and over won’t get you money, pressing [c] gives you a table on the highest rewarding used weapon. It’s not always the same. The player with the most money wins, the player who gets -20,000 will get kicked off the cruise.


Has a very cartoonish feel and look to it, which is nice, the levels look simple, but still looks nice due to the well picked and used textures. The hud display is good too, but sometimes too big and can be much smaller and still be usable. Maps don’t have design flaws, so they are well checked. One map wasn’t very nice looking though.

Overall Conclusion

A great mod, with a lot of replay value online and a huge fun factor and tension. Shame theres only a few servers.

Author: The Ship Development Team
Type: Multiplayer
Rating: 90%
Download: Here

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