The Infinite Rift


12 levels with a lot of action throughout the mod. Theres some very entertaining moments with some nice ideas the mod too. Levels aren’t too complicated and straight forward. You are guided by a scientist communicating you by your HEV suit. The best part in the mod is the computer, and you must stay near it fighting off enemies will the scientist downloads files, its a very entertaining moment. Theres plenty of health and ammo too. The end fight is very easy too.


Above average with some nice looking areas. Textures choices are good, aligned well, some didn’t look very well chosen, but other than that the structure was good with well place enemies. Lighting was good in some places and no coloured light overuse.

Overall Conclusion

A good mod, sure to keep you entertained.

Author: Tylak
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 85%
Download: Here

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