The gameplay is fun, but the main plot is to activate the four generators throughout Nation City. When I played this mod for the first time, I never got bored, the levels always have a new challenge, although there are some jump puzzles we’ve all seen over and over, but its fine. The weapons are a mixture this time, nothing military this time, you use a Heater Pipe, Nailguns, double barreled shotgun etc The mod is very possible to complete, enough health and ammo to last. The mod also offers readable notes to read info or to get keypad codes, and you get missions via a poke646 unit.


Design has been done with care, to look very realistic for a Half Life mod. Texture choice is perfect and architechure is great. Industrial district actually looks like one, with the brown colour scheme, the sewers look like sewers and the city looks very nicely done. There is no overuse at all of colour lights in this mod, all the lighting is top notch and very realistic, its believable. Even outside locations have decent lighting. Indoor lighting is done with care, and not overused.

Overall Conclusion

Great mod, with great gameplay, design and good lighting. This mod offers a good play worth your time, if you’ve not played this mod yet, I really suggest you do.

Author: Unknown
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 95%
Download: Here

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  1. Zockopa
    July 14, 2006

    Clearly one of the ten best mods ever done for HL1.

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