A short and simple level to play without any difficulty. A few enemies in certain areas but there could have been a few more to spice up the action, many areas felt empty or too few enemies making it too easy. Just the right amount of ammo for the whole level to defeat the enemies with ease and health isn’t much of a problem due to the fact there isn’t many enemies to face and be avoided.


Above average with a simple and clean design with a few littler details here and there which look quite good. However, a few areas are quite flat and empty and could have had a better design in those areas. Texturing is average, with some good choices and fairly aligned, some textures did look a little repeatative in some places though.

Overall Conclusion

A short and simple level with a small amount of action and above average design.

Author: Killer1102
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 65%
Download: Here

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