Escape From The Darkness


Lots of action, excitement and cutscenes. This mod has a very interesting gameplay and some level viarity. New weapons are good and the sub machine gun actually feels like it packs a punch compared to the half life MP5. Theres new enemies that work well in the mod too. The level transitions are way too close to each other and it gets annoying running into the previous part by accident.


Top notch, with details everywhere with realistic outdoors and terrain with very good texture choices. Lighting is done very well done and accurate. The overall concept is very good, each level designed to the top most detail and accurate to the theme.

Overall Conclusion

A great mod with a lot of action and excitement throughout.

Author: Team EFTD
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 82%
Download: Here – Fileshack / Here – NetzGames

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