This small episode really suprised me, there is no fighting at all. What iss the catch?
Well, the best scripted sequences using default Half Life sounds and animations I have seen. A lot of funny scenes made and thought up well, some are hilarious. Some are also mysterious too. My favourite cutscene would be the starting train and the zombie with the gate. Some bugs in this one too such as Barney getting stuck when fighting zombies, which can be prevented by making sure he follows you directly down the stairs.


Above average design with a lot of detail that feel very much like Black Mesa, lighting is good and no over use with colour lights. Textures have been chosen and aligned well, but some didn’t fit. Mod has a lot of varying places too with their own interesting things to check out on.

Overall Conclusion

Some of the best cutscenes I have ever seen in a HL modifacation.

Author: Brendon Chung
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 76%
Download: Here

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