There is always action wherever you go with a lot of hordes, boss fights and respawns to stop the player from getting bored. Throughout the map is plenty of health to keep the player alive but could of done with some more ammo at the first part of the map but later you get plenty of ammo. There are several keys you must find to get to the exit but with every find the level gets much more harder adding both tension and excitement.


A lot of ambience sounds have been used to stop the map feeling empty from winds to explosions in the distance. The map is constantly active with sounds especially with all the explosions going off and the amount of enemies in the map too.


A big city with a lot of damaged buildings with canyon rocks around the edges of the area all put together with top notch details and great use of textures. A lot of open areas in the level always has something there to fill the place up without making it look empty. The sprite work is very well worked on although a few sprites in the map were oversized.
Every building in the level is detailed very well with some good shading and lighting used throughout the map and all the textures have been chosen and aligned with care.

Overall Conclusion

A big detailed city with a lot of action, explosions and exciting gameplay.

Author: William Gee
Rating: 90%
Download: Here