Hard but still fun with a lot of action throughout. The tight corridors makes fighting commanders and newbeasts really tricky and some of the boss fights were a bit tight as well. The map could of used some more ammo as it was easy to run out fast but there was plenty of health about. The map involves a lot of back tracking so other areas can be revisited.


A lot of ambience has been used to lower the emptyness but not always heard yet used in the correct places. Other sounds have also been chosen well to fit where they have been used and adds to the alien theme.


Structured very well with very well chosen textures that fit with the theme and work well throughout that map. There can be many tight corridors though and some rooms can look empty too. Other than that the details in the map are made to fit with the alien atmosphere with some good lighting effects that feel real, even the dark areas had a bit of a spooky
feel to it.

Overall Conclusion

Tricky gameplay with a few tight corridors but very good design.

Author: William Gee
Rating: 86%
Download: Here

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