Red 4: Boat Trippin


Red 4 this time is set on a moving boat after boarding it in Red 3. This level isn’t scary like its prequel, but has some nice touches, scripted sequences in it and the story keeps you immersed. Enough ammo, plenty of weapons, and good placement of enemies, although, I didn’t like Commanders in the level since it was too tight for them to be in the level.


Texturing was a lot better in this map, but some textures still didn’t work well, concrete floors and brick walls in a boat? Other than this the actualy look of the level works well with the textures here and there. This time, Merlijn has used more colour everywhere.

Overall Conclusion

A good map as always from Merlijn with a nice fun gameplay with some scripted sequences here and there, this one is a must for that Duke3D collection.

Author: Merlijn van Oostrum
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 87%
Download: Here

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