I started a contest where I make a basic shape of a map and the other mapper must make a map using this area and can add their own areas in if they wish to. But the original must still be intact without anything removed but can be detailed as much as that person desires. But not many people joined the project which was a shame, but I think it was my timing to start it.


Tricky at first but very possible with a good amount of enemies to fight with and a good amount of ammo. Could use with an extra health pack in there though. The level is a simple keycard hunt until you get to the end with a very tricky boss fight near the end but plenty of room to fight in.


Very clean design as always with Mikko’s maps with good use of textures that fit well together yet a bit too much use of grey. A lot of trimwork is used throughout the level with other components such as pillars and lights. However the walls did seem bare in the larger rooms and looked boring with all the other grey textures around the place too. Good use of textures though which are aligned fairly well with a few problems with the metal wall surrounding most of the building.

Overall Conclusion

Plenty of action with clean design that can look a little boring.

Author: Mikko Sandt
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 88%
Download: Here

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