My Mansion


Theres hardly any monsters in this map and hardly any ammo or health although enough to beat the low amount of enemies in the map. The level is best played for exploring the rooms but the level can feel very empty with no ambience and the level could do with some good battles.


Design is the best part of this level, every room looks very beautiful with very good spritework. There is s even some hexagon shaped sprite work such as the fountains, and dining table. The rooms have been thought out carefully and each one has its own eye candy. The back garden is realy nicely done and those are the best tennis courts I have seen in a duke map. Texturing is not the best I’ve seen though but gives us an idea of how the author wanted the areas to look.

Overall Conclusion

Not much gameplay, but good to look at for eye candy.

Author: Bodhi
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 53%
Download: Here