Gotham’s Industrial District


Action packed map, with plenty of aliens and respawns. Map has enough ammo and plenty of health to complete the map. The main objective is a button and keycard hunt, although quite fun. Weapon locations are well placed and not too many powerful weapons near the start. Monster balance is done well too, so the map won’t get boring.


Stephano’s style is easily reconised. Lots of details, and lots of sprites on walls to change the look to add an industrial effect works very well. Some rooms look very detailed. The map is top-notch in design, although the map does lack shading. There is a door bug, that the door texture has O pressed on it, so when the door opens, the texture doesn’t move with it.

Overall Conclusion

Great map, action packed, top notch design, so far, Steph’s best map.

Author: Stephano Lessa
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 80%
Download: Here

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