Dave City 2


A simple keycard hunt, but this time it’s better than how he did it in his City Suicide map. Monster balance is fair and battles are easy. Plenty of ammo and health in this map. Sometimes hard in areas when low on health, but the map is very simple. Map has a few respawn monsters and the miniboss fight can be challenging, but the left and right walls are good for cover.


Design looks very inspired by Pascal Rouaud’s (Roch Series) work and some of his own style. The texturing is good, spritework is good, I didn’t notice any misaligned textures which is good. Monster and ammo placement are also good.

Overall Conclusion

Good map, with some Pascal-ish looking design with some of his own ideas in this map.

Author: David Sonnier
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 82%
Download: Here

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