Castle Of The Damned

Fair fights with aliens and not too hard. Plenty of monsters to fight with too and a good consistant amount. Theres a lot of ammo and health around and a lot of atomic healths too. The map doesn’t get boring throughout and gets quite exciting instead. Theres plenty of places to explore which is good with a lot of trap ideas, though not too many which is good. The last battle is done fairly and isn’t too hard, I managed to complete the map with enough health left.

Design is top notch in this map. The castle really has the feel of one and the dark woodland area at the start. The trees have been made very well and look very realistic. Sky choice suits the map and texture usesage is very well done. Shading is very good in this map too. Theres several misaligned textures though in this map, which kind of spoils the view, but not too much.

Overall Conclusion
Great map with fantastic design and good enemy balance.

Author: Andras Piroska
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 82%
Download: Here