Solid and action packed gameplay with easy to find keycards. But the level is too easy throughout but has very good enemy, health and ammo balance, which have fair amounts for the map size. The ending boss fight is fair and easy to battle in due to the space and large obstacle for cover.

Natural locations have been made very well and realistic with some very good texture choices and aligned with care. Interiors are made well with a few errors with texture alignment but some very fitting choices for the map. The map also has some good shading, nothing mind blowing but it still has been done well. The level also has some interesting structures which you’ll find through out the map which have some well chosen sprites and textures to make them.

Overall Conclusion
Solid and action packed gameplay with very good design and shading, yet the map can be too easy

Author: Mike Beaulieu
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 82%
Download: Here

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