Aqua Series

This three map series is very action packed with a mixture of small, medium and large fights and easy to very challenging boss fights. There is a large amount of ammo to use, enough rockets to defeat bosses and plenty of chaingun and shotgun ammo spare. There is a lot of health also, placed in a decent location. Monsters are well places and has mixtures of troopers, enforcers and octabrains most of the time. The main objective of the series is finding keycards and buttons until you find the nuke. Maps start where the last left off which is good and maps remain fun through with different stuff in each map.

Design is brilliant for these three golden oldies. Textures choices have been chosen well, and level structure is good too. Rooms look very detailed and colour lighting has been done well and not too random.

Overall Conclusion
Golden oldies and if you’ve not played them, you really should. Good series for its time.

Author: Ben Roffelsen
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 75%
Download: Aqua 1 / Aqua 2 / Aqua 3

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