Airport West


Sometimes challenging, and sometimes easy. The map remains fun through the whole map and the ending is great, I won’t spoil it though. Enemy balance is good, although the slimers got annoying. Plenty of ammo which is placed well, and health has been placed very well and plenty of it. No minibosses, which was a shame, and could of had one in it at least to make things a little more interesting but it was still a enjoyable map.


Design has been done well in this and I noticed areas inspired by Mikko Sandt’s work, not by a lot, but it looks as if it was. Texture choices can be good but some textures don’t really fit well. Lighting and shading has been done very well and look realistic. I noticed a lot of default texture zero in some areas, either done on purpose or by actident, but it works well underground.

Overall Conclusion

A great release I really enjoyed playing due to its balanced gameplay.

Author: Rob McCall
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 77%
Download: Here