Wart 03: Chamber of Sin

Author: Brad Carney Release Date: February 29th 2004


Even harder, challenging battles than the last two, yet the runs in this map prove helpful to make it easier. The map still shows off some extra features and the enemy balance is good due to the runes being in the map. The archviles were a bit annoying though, reviving enemies behind my back. Theres a lot of ammo and health throughout and the map is possible to complete.


Better than the last two again, with better texturing and sticking to one theme in the map. Very good texture choices, and great trimming in the map. Layout is very good and the structure is thought out well.

Overall Conclusion

Another great map by Brad, which is very challenging with some great design.

Author: Brad Carney
Port: Skulltag
Rating: 85%
Download: Here