Wart 01

Author: Brad Carney Released: May 21th 2003


This level is basically made to showing off the features of what can be done for Skulltag singleplayer. But! This doesn’t mean the level is boring, its a short map but very enjoyable and shows the features very nicely. Theres new enemies introduced in the map and a chance to use all the new weapons and some runes which makes up for gameplay. Closer to the end, you get a very large horde of enemies which adds a lot of action to the map before you complete it which is a good idea. Plenty of health and ammo placed around to keep you going.


A show off level can’t be complete without a good design otherwise the players might not bother. The design is very clean with some very great texturing choices and aligning. Lots of details in the map with a good use of new textures too. Enemies are placed very well, as is ammo and health.

Overall Conclusion

A very good, short map to play with great design. Recommended, since the map is interesting to see the features of Skulltag if you’re not too familiar with them yourself.

Author: Brad Carney
Port: Skulltag
Rating: 80%
Download: Here

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