Temple of Chaos 2: Warped Reality


Lots of action throughout set in different stages and gets harder through out. The map has a perfect enemy balance with enough health and ammo about. Map is very linear, but works with the style of gameplay. In some areas, you get hordes of enemies and sometimes in others a simple strong enemy in a tight room which gives the map a better challenge. Map doesn’t get boring, and stays entertaining until the end. The map also reminds me of Silent Hill as well with the normal and hellish areas as they change during certain areas of the map. The music also works well with the map.


Very top notch with details everywhere. Ceilings and floors are both detailed well and the layout of the map is tidy and well made. The maps structure is fantastic with lots of slopework in some areas. A lot of the rooms are in good size, and some tight corridors are good for the battles they have in them which is fair. Texturing is great and chosen well for the two themes of the map. It is also done very well which and aligned perfectly. Lighting in the map has also been done very good and looks realistic.

Overall Conclusion

A great ZDoom map, with lots of action which is challenging.

Author: Agent Spork
Port: ZDoom
Rating: 95%
Download: Here

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