Risen Egypt


Hard and challenging, since a lot of fights are in dark areas and it’s hard to see the location of enemies. A lot of large areas also have a lot of enemies around making that more challenging. But the models get in the way post of the time which makes the map get tiresome due to it. Theres enough health and ammo around, and enemy balance is good. A lot of the map is button/leaver pressing to open gates in the map. Theres a lot of traps about too, to keep the player alert.


Very nice structure, and good use of textures which are aligned well, but a few that aren’t. Models fit with the map as well as the sky. Items are placed in good places but sometimes bad such as above the switches. Lighting is done well, the interior can be dark at times and some floors have bugged lighting on them.

Overall Conclusion

Very challenging map, with a very good design with a real egypt feel to it.

Author: Wim Sitters
Port: Risen3D
Rating: 72%
Download: Here

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  1. Bruce Williams
    March 20, 2018

    The link is broken.

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