Null Space Junior

Author: Russell Pearson Released: March 19th 2006


This small level is a very tricky one with a lot of enemies and respawns with can get annoying but nothing that ruins the gameplay. The action can last quite sometime but there is enough ammo and health about with a few extra powerups and armour to help. The main objective is to push each button until you can exit from the level, each spawning in some hordes of enemies, each trickier from the last. The control of these battles is however done well, which makes them very possible to complete without losing too much health.


The structure of the level is very good with large enough areas and some interesting details here and there. The best part of the design is the texturing as it is very clean and tidy. It also fits with the theme very well and with other textures of the level. The textures are also interesting with a mix of wood, metal and marble that fit perfectly on some walls or floors.

Overall Conclusion

A very interesting concept with a great design and challenging gameplay.

Author: Russell Pearson
Rating: 92%
Download: Here

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