Hell’s Twisted Influence

Author: Andrew "Ninja_of_DooM" Fernie Released: January 10th 2005


Not too hard yet not too easy. Theres plenty of enemies throughout this map, but theres more once you get into the main part, so the balance of enemies is good. Map also uses custom enemies along with old, adding a lot to the gameplay as they attack different making things more interesting and fresh at the same time. The new enemies fit well into the map and their attacks were good. Plenty of ammo in the map, sometimes I worried incase I ran out, but there is always some extra about. I did waste a lot of ammo at some point, which made it harder for the very last area. Map also features some swinging doors and very well made cutscenes.


Top notch. The map is structured well, with very well made layout. Ceiling design can be a bit plain sometimes, but the walls are detailed well, even outside areas are well detailed. Map also has some good texturing since match the map a lot and also aligned well. The lava was used well adding lots to the feeling of the map.

Overall Conclusion

Good map, which very well designed structure and good enemy balance.

Author: Andrew “Ninja_of_DooM” Fernie
Port: ZDoom
Rating: 94%
Download: Here

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