E1M3 : Toxin Refinery

Author: Dutch Devil Released: July 29th 2005


The same style of gameplay as the original map, yet much better even though it’s a remake, that would be obvious yet its more controlled and fun than the original. The map is a bit too easy though and could use more enemies and remove a bit of health. There is a lot of ammo in the map, which could be decreased to improve the gameplay.


The design is very good with a lot of very well chosen textures and details everywhere which look good. Some of the bright areas could of been made darker for the remake to give the map a more gloomy feel which could work well for a refinery, but the lighting is very realistic though.

Overall Conclusion

A good remake with good design but too easy gameplay.

Author: Dutch Devil
Port: ZDoom
Rating: 68%
Download: Here

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