Alien Infiltration


A lot of looking around in the two levels for keycards which are fairly simple to find. The levels also have a good balance with enemies, ammo and health. The two maps aren’t hard to complete them both, but some areas can be challenging. Each area is large enough to dodge attacks and makes the fights fair with the larger hordes.


Very bad design with a horrible layout and room structure. Texturing is very random throughout the two maps and looks untidy. A lot of textures are not chosen well and not even aligned. The size of the rooms are large and this is good for the fights but they also tend to be very empty and boring. The two maps don’t have any ambience either making the atmosphere very dull and not enjoyable.

Overall Conclusion

Two maps with good gameplay but horrible design.

Author: Adrian Messecar
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 5%
Download: Here

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