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Forwards Compatible

Author: The Lieutenant | Released: January 19th 2008

The non-linear, interconnected layout offers a decent degree of choice and replayability, despite leaning on the easy side being dominent with weak Grunts and Enforcers. Each area is varied appropriately throughout offering distinctive locations, but does suffer from too much darkness across the level



Author: John 'metlslime' Fitzgibbons | Released: February 25th 1998

Although the design is mostly on the average side due to plain texturing, the gameplay works as it is with a neat flow yet can be a little tough due to the large groups of Grunts lurking around the base, becoming the more dangerous threat.


Rubicon 2

Author: John 'metlslime' Fitzgibbons & Christian 'czg' Grawert | Released: February 11th 2011

The three level pack offers some quality entertainment and great looking visuals all round, coming across as more consistent, detailed and lively than the first instalment in the series. Each map has a feel of its own despite the similar theme and provides new features and enemies fairly well to create a fresh experience.