“Duke in Progress” Category

I have recently added this new section to the categories where I will try to collect Duke3D projects under construction as I possibly can, located in one simple section as each post will include information, media, links or sources and downloads to do with the said project. However there will be some obvious problems when there is a lack of information, media or title for the project and that is where you come in to either supply any missing information or correct me of any mistakes found. Projects listed that get released will have their titles edited to have an explanation mark ( ! ) so they appear at the top of the list. Those will then be removed after a month, except ongoing projects ofcourse. Projects that get abandoned will just be removed. I would also like to note that the posts will not appear on the front page and will be dated incorrectly for that reason ( as it is the only way to do so as far as I know )

Haven’t had a full decision about working on this section however, but I’ll have to see how often I update it and keep it on track. Things could change.

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