There’s not a lot of action in this one, but still a small amount with zombies. The main objective of the modifacation is to learn and solve puzzles to get out of the facility. These puzzles are not hard to solve at all and the action is very easy to fight through, plenty of supplies given to the player. There’s also a nice quiz you can take part of, where you must answer five questions to win the items in the storage room. But this part is bugged and you get the same questions repeated to you at times. New voice acting, rather fitting with the date it is set and sets the mood a little different, but some do drag on a little bit.

The train at the start is very well made, but the rest of the map is rather average but nothing that puts you off while playing. Texture choices are set to a choice of white bricks and concrete with a few others that are used well. Lighting was moderate, some intense red lighting though which looked a little bad. Use of props were moderate and the map contained little effects such as steam and electricity to give it more of a destoyed look.

Overall Conclusion
Good map to learn while you play with easy yet moderate fights.

Author: DESQ and University of Wolverhampton School of Education
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 70%
Download: Here