Military Madness


Plenty of action in this level with enough ammo and health to survive. Map has a lot of nice ideas like the missile room, the floating vent doors, the garage. There was an effect I was very impressed by in the garage section of the map. When the van crashes, Alejandro made a box act as if it had physics and it moves due to the force of the van. Very well made which is really impressive. Boss fights are fair and not too hard with enough cover to keep you going. Map has a lot of switches to doors very nearby which may get boring, but not by much.


Very top notch with a lot of trimming and very well chosen textures aligned perfectly. Some rooms may be tight, but a lot of the locations are detailed to top most quality which is very good eye candy. One area really reminded of me of a computer room in EDFSB also by Alejandro. Shading is also done well in this map.

Overall Conclusion

Rather action packed level, showing off a lot of special effects through within a nice looking map.

Author: Alejandro Glavic
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 90%
Download: Here