Eye Witness


Action packed on the streets, battles are very easy though. Commander fights are nice in this map since theres an open street with cars for cover. Plenty of monsters to play through. The map is basically a keycard hunt, with respawning monsters around as well. Sometimes a lack of health, but its fair sometimes. Plenty of ammo and weapons to complete the map too. The map also has some very nice ideas, like the crate’s top can be blown off.


Top notch with some very good sprite work and trimming. Shading is some places are very good and the street’s shading looks realistic. Texture choices are good and fit the theme well. Enemy and ammo placements are good, health can be hidden well too. Some structure, like the metro’s white arch, look very nice, and a lot of sliding doors look good too.

Overall Conclusion

A very well designed map wtih good gameplay

Author: Alejandro Glavic and Kevin Cools
Type: Singleplayer
Rating: 89%
Download: Here