Welcome to Hell


The level is short and has nothing we haven’t seen befored. The map has some small and large battles with enemies through out with a viarity of them. Theres a lot of traps about, that can kill you if you don’t watch your step. The map is tricky even on easy, but possible. The end fight is easy since there is plenty of room to run around in with plenty of cover. Enough ammo and health to keep you going.


Very good eyecandy with very well used and picked textures, alighned well, some aren’t. Models have been used very well too and fit the location. Atmosphere feels hellish and fresh. The lighting in the map overall is good with some horrible lighting in some places like the green and blues.

Overall Conclusion

A short map with average gameplay and a very nice design

Author: Wim Sitters
Port: Doomsday
Rating: 70%
Download: Here